Donor News

$2,000 Donation from Ocean Spray

We are happy to announce that CIEMSS, Inc has been selected by  Ocean Spray employees and Grower-Owners to receive a grant of $2000.

This award will go towards the purchase of equipment to further education of our members, pre-hospital providers and members of our community.

$20,000 Donation from Falmouth Road Race

Cape and Islands EMSS, Inc has been awarded $20,000 from the Falmouth Road RaceFalmouth Road Race, Inc. proudly supports programs throughout our community that promote health and wellness with a specific emphasis on youth programs.

Each year the Falmouth Road Race commits to a large project, which could be a multi-year commitment, for the betterment of the overall community’s health and wellness. Falmouth Road Race, Inc. is committed to supporting and promoting local organizations with specific focus on youth athletics and programming that promotes health and wellness. These efforts are realized by consistent community involvement and ongoing philanthropic endeavors including donations, scholarships, grants, and sponsorships. Its annual, internationally recognized 7-mile road race features an iconic seaside course enjoyed by elite and recreational runners since 1973.

$10,000 Grant from Horizon Foundation

The Horizon Foundation, Inc. has awarded Cape & Islands EMS System Inc. $10,000 allowing CIEMSS to incorporate Handtevy Age-Based Resuscitation System Training with our ongoing American Heart Association, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Update.

The Handtevy is a first-of-its-kind hybrid pediatric resuscitation system that uses both age and length as options to initiate care. Age based resuscitation has the distinct advantage of allowing early determination of critical information prior to arrival on scene. Rather than using confusing formulas to first determine a child’s weight, the Handtevy System allows health care providers to quickly determine volumes already pre-calculated and specific to their department’s protocol. The ultimate goal is to begin treatment considerations prior to contact with the child…every second counts!

The Horizon Foundation supports non-profit organizations that aspire to create and maintain sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities by:

  • Enabling children and adults to lead their communities in creative, healthy, and thoughtful ways;
  • Educating citizens to be good stewards of the environment;
  • Conserving land and water resources;
  • Encouraging service to others;
  • Promoting visual arts and music, and
  • Teaching appreciation of and preserving historic assets.

$10,000 Grant from Eastern Bank

Cape and Islands EMSS, Inc has been awarded $10,000 from the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation. The grant will help support the building of a new EMS Training Building. The Foundation receives thousands of grant applications each year and the Partnership Grant (which we received) is the most competitive category. Their support directly reflects their confidence in our organization and the impact our members make.

In 2016, the Foundation will donate approximately $6.7 million to numerous eligible organizations across eastern Massachusetts and southern and coastal New Hampshire.

The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation’s mission is to contribute, in a meaningful way, to the health and vitality of the various communities served by Eastern Bank Corporation. This is done through financial support to selected nonprofit organizations operating within those communities.

CIEMSS Receives $30,000 Grant from CCHC

The CCHC Community Benefits Annual Strategic Grants program received thirteen proposals this year requesting over $330,000. The proposals were compelling; each organization demonstrating programs that address the chronic disease, infectious disease and mental health needs of vulnerable populations across Barnstable County.

The Community Health Committee, a Community Benefits oversight committee comprised of ten health and human service leaders from across Cape Cod, has completed their evaluation process and selected proposals to be funded.

The CIEMSS grant request for $30,000 for pre-hospital Provider training in the latest advancements in cardiovascular and stroke care was awarded.