TITLE:          Use of Recorded Telephone Line(s) in Hospitals

EFFECTIVE DATE:           March 13, 2017


Purpose: To outline and define recorded telephone line use for the following hospitals;

  • Cape Cod Hospital
  • Falmouth Hospital
  • Tobey Hospital
  • Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

III.       Policy:

On rare occasions communications with Medical Control may be deemed inappropriate to be conducted over CMED Radio.  In order to comply with 105 CMR 130.1502 Standards for Hospitals That Provide a Medical Control Service; section (F), An alternative method of communications via land-line has been developed to “Ensure that all field communication of emergency on-line medical direction is recorded by CMED.

This recorded telephone line shall not replace standard EMS radio reports to hospitals.


When the determination has been made that a pre-hospital care provider needs to speak directly with medical control via Land-line, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The pre-hospital care provider will call CMED at 508-564-7822. This line is dedicated to medical control calls only. All other CMED calls shall be placed on the CMED business line (508) 362-4335.
  2. The pre-hospital care providers shall identify themselves, the department they are associated with, C-MED unit number, patient priority and reason.
  3. The EMS crew will be instructed to “stay on the line while I transfer your call to (requested) hospital”.
  4. Calls with Medical Control will be kept as short as possible, to the point and providers will document with whom the conversation took place on their SARF.
  5. If a person other than the pre-hospital care provider must have a conversation with the physician, the pre-hospital care provider will advise that person that the conversation will be recorded.

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