Community Impact

“Any one of our lives can be changed in an instant by accident, stroke, illness, or other unpredictable events. We are fortunate to have advanced pre-hospital emergency care available to us on the Cape and Islands. Everyday, emergency medical professionals see, experience, and appreciate the vital importance of pre-hospital care and skilled first responders. EMS professionals must stay current with training to care for those in our communities. Minutes – and training – can make the critical difference in saving lives.”
Prof. Marcy J.T. Smith

Street Action

Imagine that you or a loved one suffers a life-threatening emergency — perhaps a heart attack, stroke, or a severe accident. The first thing you think to do is call 911. We all take great comfort in knowing that help is just a phone call away. But in a medical emergency, it’s not just how fast Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will get there, but how well trained our Paramedics and EMTs are.

On the Cape and Islands, we are challenged by long transport times to area hospitals and the lack of local trauma centers. Therefore, many patients are in the hands of our Paramedics and EMTs for extended periods of time. The main goal of the CIEMSS organization is to provide these first responders with the best training available in order to ensure that those faced with a medical emergency can receive the best possible care.

COMM Medflight Mills and Lt Tavares Pics 122714-0995 copyCIEMSS is the nonprofit organization responsible for Paramedic and EMT recertification training in our region. We are the largest training organization in Southeastern MA, yet we do not have a training facility. While we are known for providing exceptional instructors and training programs, we are challenged by the lack of facilities and advanced training technology.

A new, state-of-the-art training center will create an optimal teaching/learning environment where CIEMSS can enhance training programs and ensure that the nearly 900 Paramedics and EMTs in our system receive the best emergency medical training possible.