“I write in support of Cape and Islands EMS in general, but more specifically, to support their campaign to build a true and appropriate home for the important work they do. The providers within Cape Cod Healthcare work very closely with this great organization. It is clear that both the mission and scope of the Cape and Islands EMS has outgrown their operational circumstances and that the time has come for them to strike out to establish a new facility to meet the growing demands for their expertise and training services.”Michael K. Lauf, President/CEO, Cape Cod Healthcare
“Medical simulation enables one to place clinicians in low frequency-high acuity situations to access not only their fund of knowledge but the application of that knowledge; so critical in maximizing patient outcomes. It enables learners to practice in a high-fidelity simulation setting resulting in identification of opportunities for improvement without putting patients at risk. I commend CIEMSS for your foresight in bringing this beneficial educational tool to Cape Cod.”Charles Pozner, MD, Director of Pre-Hospital Care, Medical Director, Stratus Center for Medical Simulation, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
“As a full time Firefighter and Paramedic, it is a requirement of my employment to maintain my Paramedic certification through biennial refresher training. This training is vital for all Paramedics, not only to review skills and current knowledge, but also to keep up with the swiftly evolving medical sciences and practices.

While CIEMSS consistently creates an engaging, high-quality learning environment, the facilities currently available stifle educational growth. A new training facility with cutting edge simulation technology will improve the learning environment in countless ways. Simulation technology will highly compliment the current curriculum because this is a hands on profession that demands a fusion of critical thinking with physical assessment. This technology will allow a more dynamic and challenging practical learning experience as well as bring us closer to the type of real life scenarios we encounter day to day.

Those that benefit from a new training facility extend far beyond the Paramedics. It’s about those that we serve in the community, and continuing to be leaders in pre-hospital medicine.”
Rachael Clough, Hyannis Firefighter-Paramedic